Transplanting Information

Removal, Transporting and Replanting

We have two options for the transfer of our palms:

  1. The buyer can be responsible for the transfer of the palms
  2. We can be responsible for removing the palms, transporting and replanting at the new site. Because we cannot control the care and watering of the plants after transplanting, we are not able to guarantee the long term condition of the palms. They are sold as is in the nursery.

Tips for keeping palms healthy and strong after transplanting:

Whether you transplant your palms or one of our professional teams does the moving, you must maintain a moist soil environment around the palm for six months after the move; the moisture encourages root growth away from the original rootball space. In dry environments we recommend watering them daily for the first month or so.

We also recommend a 50% downpayment at least three months in advance of moving the palms. This allows us to trench around the palms and then let the roots heal and regrow so that there is minimum shock when the final transplanting takes place.

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